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Fearless Wingsuit Brigade Makes Playground Out of Dubai Sykscrapers
  “When fears are grounded, dreams take flight.” — Linda Poindexter This week adrenaline enthusiasts X Dubai, in partnership with Lenovo, launched the “Vertical Maze”, a death-defying wingsuit route through [...]
Workout of the Day: Chad’s Cluster Up
Our BSFT Apparel ambassadors hit the Workout of the Day! “Chad’s Cluster Up” 6 Clusters @ 50kg – Chad Mackay 6 Strict Pull Ups @ 20kg – Chad Mackay 5 [...]
Three Men & a Comedian Hit the “California Double”
For adventure enthusiasts, the prospect of touching sand and snow in the one day seems unlikely at best, and a pipedream at worst. In January 2016, hurricane swell ripped through [...]