The BossFit ambassador team is a mix of established and emerging athletes in pursuit of excellence in their chosen field, while doing everything they can to help others. Aside from being exceptional people to share a laugh with, these athletes truly embody the BossFit values: courage, tenacity and self-efficacy. Learn more about their journeys below.

Jackie Perez

Based out of Dublin, California—and boasting an Instagram following of 285k+ fans—Jackie Perez is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in fitness. Jackie writes programs for Barbell Shrugged, has competed in the hotly contested CrossFit NorCal Regionals on six occasions, and is in high demand around the world for her expertise in health and fitness. Jackie’s most passionate about helping young women feel comfortable with their bodies and inspiring people to reach their full potential.

Patrick Fitzsimons

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Patrick Fitzsimons is the co-owner of affiliate network CrossFit Active with close friend, Chad Mackay. Patrick leads the charge of the next wave of elite CrossFit athletes in the Pacific region, demonstrated by his commitment to all facets of his training. He is a prolific feature of the Australian CrossFit competition scene, having competed at Regionals on six occasions.

Alethea Boon

Alethea Boon has forged a reputation as one of the toughest and most versatile athletes on the planet. Growing up in New Zealand, Alethea dedicated her formative years to gymnastics, earning an NCAA collegiate scholarship and competing in the Commonwealth Games on two occasions. Alethea’s remarkable ability to adapt to new environments was most evident when she first attempted the sport of CrossFit; in her first three years, she made it to the flagship CrossFit Games three times (1x team, 2x individual), incredibly while holding down a full-time job. After suffering a ruptured achilles at the 2016 CrossFit Games, Alethea embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation program and nine months later placed third in the Pacific Regional, qualifying for an competing in the 2017 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin!

Chad Mackay

Chad Mackay, a four-time veteran of the CrossFit Games and a six-time competitor at Regionals, has been a tremendous ambassador of CrossFit. He is the co-founder and head coach of renowned affiliate network CrossFit Active in Sydney, Australia, whose team has become a stalwart of the CrossFit Games. Known for his meticulous approach to all facets of his health and fitness, Chad has also participated in the CrossFit Invitational as both an athlete and coach, solidifying his place as one of the true legends of the sport.

Royce Dunne

Royce Dunne has quickly established a reputation among the CrossFit and weightlifting communities for his brute strength and competitive spirit. In the last year, Royce delivered standout performances in the 2015 CrossFit Open and the Australian Weightlifting Championships. Rounded out with huge showings in the Torian Pro and the Schwartz Challenge, Royce’s efforts have him nipping at the heels of the stalwarts of Australian CrossFit. In 2016 “Roycey Boy” was instrumental in the CrossFit Torian team who placed fourth at the Pacific Regional and then competed at the CrossFit Games in California. Continuing his rise in the sport, Royce placed 14th at the 2017 Pacific Regional, an outstanding effort for his first year as an individual, and placing 1st at the 2017 Compex Torian Pro.

CJ Walker

Known as much for his carefree attitude outside the gym as he is for his athletic performance inside it, CJ has qualified for Regionals on each of the five occasions in which he has competed, placing as high as fourth, and cementing his place as one of the top contenders in the sport. Outside of the gym, CJ works in the Australian Air Force as a Physical Training Instructor. CJ competed in the 2016 CrossFit Games in California as part of the CrossFit Torian team, and placed 13th in the 2017 Pacific Regional.

Damon Kelly

Damon Kelly is highly regarded throughout the world for his accomplishments in the sport of weightlifting. Damon’s weightlifting journey began over 15 years ago; along the way he has represented Australia countless times, from the Junior World Championships to the Olympic Games. With a 310kg back squat and a 176kg snatch, his prowess in the sport is undeniable. Through his hard work and dedication Damon has competed at three Commonwealth Games and two Olympic Games, becoming one of the best weightlifters of his generation. In 2017 he was awarded the title of “Ambassador” of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast, where he will compete in the event on the fourth occasion.

Trav Cooper

Trav Cooper is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most talented photographers. Coming from a diverse background has enabled Trav to apply his unique vision to a myriad of fields, where he is particularly skilled at capturing the beauty, purity, and strength of each subject. Trav’s primary alias “The FITographer” specialises in competition/event settings, fitness model portraiture, and marketing campaigns. He is also the founder of “WOD Dogs”, a social community that generates awareness of animal welfare issues and raises money for RSPCA Queensland. Aside from fitness and pet photography, Trav is passionate about motorsport and anything automotive. Trav’s work has been highly acclaimed and his photographic services are in demand throughout Australia.

Luke McCracken

Luke McCracken proudly leads the next wave of Australian fitness entrepreneurs. As a side project at university, Luke pursued his passion for videography, completely self-taught. After graduating with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Health and Physical Education, he now incorporates his love of videography into his work in the fitness industry. Under the brand Meraki Studios, Luke has captured some of the most admired athletes in CrossFit—including the world’s second fittest woman Tia Toomey, four-time Games athlete Chad Mackay, and six-time Regionals athlete Jackie Perez—and covers fitness events around Australia. In 2016 Luke opened his own affiliate, Ariston CrossFit, to inspire others to lead happier and healthier lives.